JRTI and Velocity Micro to demo new 8 GPU ProMagix VSC455 V8 with AccelerEyes at SC'09

Come see the fastest workstation available today with 8 GPUs combined with the new JacketHPC and measure the performance with the new “Jacket gbench” from AccelerEyes, the industry’s first GPGPU benchmark

Richmond, VA — November 13, 2009 — James River Technical, Inc. (JRTI), and Velocity Micro today announced participation at the upcoming SC’09 convention in Portland, Oregon, November 14-20, 2009 (https://sc09.supercomputing.org/). JRTI and Velocity Micro will be displaying the recently announced VSC455 V8 workstation, powered by up to an unprecedented eight-combined NVIDIA Tesla C1060 or Quadro FX GPU’s and running the NEW JacketHPC from AccelerEyes. JRTI and Velocity Micro will also be demonstrating the NEW Jacket gbench, the industry’s first GPGPU benchmark demonstrating the groundbreaking performance of the VSC455 V8.

JacketHPC delivers an unprecedented ability to transparently scale GPU and CPU computing resources simultaneously, either on a local machine or over a network, allowing users to capitalize on the performance of unlimited GPUs on single job instance. The VSC455 V8 in conjunction with JacketHPC is the world’s fastest visual computing workstation for technical professionals who have had to rely on CPU clusters in the past for performing computationally intensive processing on complex datasets. The combined solution delivers unprecedented price performance levels.

“JRTI and Velocity Micro are excited to be partnering with AccelerEyes at SC’09 to demonstrate the tremendous performance capabilities of multi-GPU solutions running JacketHPC on our newly launched VSC455 V8, which represents the latest addition to our already extensive line of Accelerated Computing solutions for the High Performance Computing marketplace,” stated Leo Iantosca, CEO of JRTI. “By continuing to offer compelling and groundbreaking solutions like the VSC455 and JacketHPC, Velocity Micro and JRTI have created a one stop shop for customers in need of a compelling supercomputing solution, delivering faster time to insight and discovery.”

“We’ve created a truly revolutionary high performance solution by leveraging our renowned engineering for high-end computing,” said Chip Lowell, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Velocity Micro. “The VSC455 V8 brings unprecedented computational power with a minimal footprint within the reach of scientists, researchers, educators, and designers. We’re proud to be partnered with JRTI and AccelerEyes at SC’09 to further demonstrate the VSC455 V8’s computational power.”

“We are thrilled to participate in delivering software to harness the 8+ TFlops available on the VSC455 V8. This is a great step forward in meeting the performance demands of scientists, engineers, and analysts in the high-level M-language,” said John Melonakos, CEO of AccelerEyes.

The Jacket gbench utility will be made available on the first day of SC’09 on the following website: www.accelereyes.com/gbench

For more information about this or other Velocity Micro High Performance Computing solutions, visit Velocity HPC.

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VelocityHPC is an exclusive joint venture between James River Technical, Inc. and Velocity Micro, Inc. focused on providing Accelerated High Performance Computing solutions.

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Founded in 2007, and located in Atlanta, Georgia, AccelerEyes is leading the software- side of the movement towards visual computing. AccelerEyes’ products bring a level of supercomputing power to standard personal computers. AccelerEyes delivers high-level interfaces, which remove the lower-level complexity. AccelerEyes' first product, Jacket, is used by customers across all major HPC industries, such as the automotive, financial, medical, and seismic industries. Further, Jacket's Graphics Toolbox enables true Visual Computing, seamlessly merging the compute power of CUDA with OpenGL visualizations. AccelerEyes plans to adapt and expand Jacket for other hardware and software platforms. AccelerEyes is a division of DivEyes, an Atlanta incubator for Digital Imaging and Vision Solutions. For more information on Accelereyes, please visit: www.AccelerEyes.com.

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