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SolidWorks Visualize Workstations

Custom Professional Workstations designed and optimized for photo realistic image renderings with Solidworks Visualize.

Visualize with a Custom Pro Workstation

We’ve been building powerful workstations optimized for SolidWorks suite since day one of our 25 year history. Whether your focus is on 3D CAD, CAM, Product Data Management, Electrical Design, or Technical Communication, our ultra performance workstations will reduce wait times and improve interactivity in your workflow to make you more productive.

*Palatov D2 design is property of Palatov Motorsport LLC, used with permission.

AMD Elite system builder

Dedicated Rendering

ProMagix™ HD60

Visualization of your creation often requires ray-traced real world lighting and replication of actual finishes and materials. Solidworks does this through a variety of GPU accelerated rendering nodes, so if dedicated rendering is a part of your workflow, we do suggest investing in a Quadro RTX GPU. When paired with a high frequency multi-core CPU like those powereing our ProMagix HD60, your render times will be reduced significantly.

ProMagix HD60
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SolidWorks FAQ

How many CPU cores do I need?

For most Solidworks Visualize users, the ideal configuration to take advantage of the software is a multicore CPU with moderate to high frequency. Not all user workflows are the same though, so be sure and contact us for an optimized configuration.

Does Solidworks Visualization need ECC RAM?

ECC RAM is designed with an additional module on each DIMM to detect and avoid memory related errors before they occur. For the most complex simulations running on high RAM density hardware, ECC is advantageous, but not required.

Quadro or Geforce graphics – which is best?

Though we normally recommend Geforce cards because of their overall performance and value, Solidworks in one application that really requires Quadro to run optimally. Check out this blog post for more details, but Quadro is likely the best choice here.

Is Hard Drive speed important for Solidworks?

Yes, to an extent. As a general rule faster SSDs will reduce load and save times, especially when working with very large, complex simulations. You may see some diminishing returns with the very fastest PCIE Gen 4 drives though.

I don’t know what I need – can you help?

Yes! Our sales team is happy to help with putting a configuration together to meet your needs and budget. Email or call us at 804-419-0900 for assistance.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we do accept purchase orders with Net Terms from pre-approved accounts. Contact us for details or complete our application here.

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