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Get Net Terms Today

Velocity Micro has partnered with Resolve to offer easy and flexible net terms on your purchases. Apply in seconds with no hard credit check and get approved for net terms with no hidden fees!


Trusted by over 12,000 buyers of all sizes

Buy Now Pay Later with Net Terms

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No Hidden Fees

Once approved, it won't cost you anything extra to pay for your purchase with net terms. 

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Flexible Net Terms

Build credit history and gain access to higher credit lines for larger purchases. Purchase with confidence and pay later. 


Online Convenience

View invoices, make payments, and get automatic payment reminders in one convenient dashboard.

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Seamless Accounts Payable At Your Fingertips

When you apply for net terms, you'll create an account with Resolve where you can view and pay your invoices. You can pay online by ACH or credit card - or offline by wire transfer or mailed check.

Hear It From Buyers Using Resolve

Built and backed by the world's leading FinTech brands 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why pay with net terms?

Improve your cashflow by paying for your purchases after you get paid.

Will my credit score be affected?

Your credit score will not be affected because we do not make any hard credit inquiries.

What if I'm declined for net terms?

Not to worry! If you're declined for credit you can still make purchases that are due on receipt. By paying invoices on time you can build up your credit history with Resolve and potentially be eligible for credit in the future. 

Benefits of Resolve net terms for buyers like you

No deposits, prepaying, or paying upon receipt

✅ Delay payment on goods and manage cashflow 

✅ Never miss a payment with autopay and reminders

✅ Multiple ways to pay -- via check, credit card, ACH, or wire

✅ Build credit history and gain access to bigger credit lines