Velocity Micro Delivers Mind-blowing Gaming Performance with
NVIDIA® GeForce® 7950 GX2 Graphics Solution

The NVIDIA® GeForce® 7950 GX2 combines the power of two GeForce® 7950 GPUs on single card and is available immediately in Velocity Micro Raptor
and Gamer's Edge systems.

Richmond, VA — June 5, 2006 — Velocity Micro, the premier manufacturer of ultra-performance PCs, announced today the immediate availability of the NVIDIA® GeForce® 7950 GX2 graphics solution in the company’s custom-built Raptor and Gamers’ Edge PCs. Systems featuring the new card can be ordered today from Velocity Micro’s website and through their custom build program at

“We are proud to be a global launch partner with NVIDIA on this exciting new graphics solution. NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GX2 takes gaming performance to extreme levels,” said Randy Copeland, Velocity Micro President and founder. “Our strong relationship with NVIDIA enables us to continue to offer our customers the level of innovation and performance that they’ve grown to expect from us.”

The NVIDIA® GeForce® 7950 GX2 features two GeForce® 7 Series graphics processing units (GPU) on a single card, delivering over two times the shading power of previous-generation products. It also delivers full Microsoft DirectX 9.0 Model 3.0 support and the NVIDIA® CineFX™ 4.0 engine for realistic 3D effects. The NVIDIA® GeForce® 7950 GX2 is also NVIDIA® SLI™-ready (with SLI support provided through a future NVIDIA® ForceWare™ driver release), which means two cards will be able to be used in parallel for truly mind-blowing gaming performance. And the NVIDIA® GeForce® 7950 GX2 was designed with Windows Vista in mind, to deliver the best possible experience when running the Windows Vista 3D graphical user interface.

”With two high-performance GPUs, GeForce® 7950 GX2 is designed to be the most powerful graphics card on the market today,” said Ujesh Desia, general manager of desktop GPUs at NVIDIA®. “With that kind of graphics horsepower at their disposal, Velocity Micro has the knowledge necessary to configure a PC for customers of that will deliver an immersive, high-performance gaming experience.”

Velocity Micro’s Raptor and Gamer’s Edge PCs featuring the NVIDIA® GeForce® 7950 GX2 are available now directly from the company, and through their custom build program at To learn more about Velocity Micro’s PC offerings, visit

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