Velocity Micro Unveils New Raptor™ DualX SLI Gaming System

Richmond, VA — October 27, 2004 — Velocity Micro, the Richmond, Va. based provider of premier PCs for enthusiasts and gamers, announces the November 1, 2004 launch of its new Raptor Extreme DualX SLI gaming system. DualX marks the next level of gaming innovation with its interconnected dual graphics processors.

Velocity Micro introduces the world's first dual graphics card gaming system on November 1, 2004. Based on Scalable Link Interface (SLI) technology from nVidia, DualX features two PCI Express graphics processors from nVidia. The two processors physically connect, which allows intelligent scaling of geometry and fill rate performance. The major advantage of this configuration is an incredible increase in performance: up to 90%, depending on the application.

The dramatic increase in framerate will directly benefit all users interested in 3D performance. DualX is ideal for 3D gamers, CAD/CAM/CAE operators, 3D artists, and users who require peak 3D performance from their systems. Applications running at high resolutions will receive the highest boost in performance. In addition, DualX systems can output in both digital and analog formats, increasing the system's versatility.

The Raptor DualX will operate in the three configurations of graphics processors: 2 x GeForce 6800 Ultra, 2 x GeForce 6800GT, and 2 x Quadro FX 3400. A configuration featuring 2 x nVidia Quadro 3400 graphics processors will also be available in Velocity Micro's other DualX system: the Vision DualX, a performance enhanced digital media workstation for graphics professionals.

On Velocity Micro's latest technological innovation, founder and president Randy Copeland says, "DualX represents the future of performance gaming and digital media. Doubling the graphics processors boosts performance in 3D applications, resulting in an increasingly higher quality gaming experience. We're proud and excited to deliver the future today."

About Velocity Micro

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