Velocity Micro® Announces the Immediate Availability of Intel® Core® i7-5820K, Core i7-5930K, and Core i7-5960X Processors

Codenamed Haswell-E, new Intel processors, X99 chipset motherboards and DDR4 RAM are configurable on Raptor™ class and select ProMagix™ systems

Richmond, VA — August 29, 2014 — Velocity Micro®, the premier builder of award winning enthusiast desktops, laptops, and peripherals announces the availability of gaming PCs and workstation PCs featuring the newest Intel Core processors, formally codenamed Haswell-E. Hand-crafted configurations in the Raptor gaming class and select ProMagix workstations start at $2,299, with shipments beginning immediately.

“This launch from Intel is one of the biggest steps forward in recent memory. For gamers taking on 4K, media creators, and workstation users, things just got even better,” said Randy Copeland, President and CEO of Velocity Micro. “We’re excited to be able to offer these new processors as a part of our ongoing pursuit to create an ultra-performance, cutting-edge desktop PC product.”

When paired with the new X99 chipset and DDR4-2133MHz memory, Velocity Micro systems featuring any of the new Intel Core processors will be some of the fastest, most powerful desktop PCs in the industry. Key specs include:

  • Core i7-5960X - 8 physical cores with 16 total threads, a clock speed of 3.0GHz at base and 3.3GHz at Turbo, and 20MB of L3 cache.
  • Core i7-5930K - 6 cores and 12 threads at 3.5/3.9GHz and 15MB of L3 cache.
  • Core i7-5820K - 6 cores, 12 threads, a 3.3/3.6GHz clock and 15MB of L3 cache.

“For well over a decade, Velocity Micro has delivered enthusiast class PC’s that create excitement in our industry”, said Laura Crone, Intel Vice President and General Manager, PC Client Group.  “We are thrilled that Velocity Micro continues their trend of building high performance systems with Intel’s new 8 core, Core i7 microprocessor architecture."

All Velocity Micro desktops are hand built and supported in the USA. To custom configure an award-winning desktop featuring an Intel Core i7-5820K, Core i7-5930k, and Core i7-5960X processor with an X99 chipset and DDR4 RAM or to learn more about how they can be beneficial to your specific needs, visit

About Velocity Micro

Velocity Micro is the premier high-performance personal computer provider in North America. Founded in 1992, Richmond, Va.-based Velocity Micro custom builds award winning gaming, mobile, multimedia, small business, workstation, visual supercomputers and peripherals. Velocity Micro products are currently available at most consumer electronics retailers nationwide. For more information, please call (888) 300-4450 or visit

Velocity Micro has earned over 60 industry awards, including 17 PC Magazine Editor’s Choice awards. CNET, Maximum PC, Mobile PC, PC World, Computer Gaming World, Computer Shopper, and PC Gamer editors have all chosen Velocity Micro systems as some of the industry’s best-performing, highest-quality, and most reliable PCs.

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