JRTI and Velocity Micro announce the release of the ProMagix VSC455 V8 Visual Supercomputing Workstation

Engineered by Velocity Micro, accelerated by NVIDIA® Tesla™ compute and driven by NVIDIA® Quadro™ graphics - Personal Supercomputing - Visual Supercomputing - Tesla Supercomputing!

Richmond, VA — October 28, 2009 — James River Technical, Inc. (JRTI), and Velocity Micro today announced the immediate release of the ProMagix VSC455 V8, the world’s most powerful High Performance Computing Workstation. Powered by up to an unprecedented eight combined NVIDIA Tesla C1060 or Quadro FX GPU’s, the VSC455 V8 utilizes up to eight CPU cores and 1920 GPU cores to create nearly eight teraflops of peak compute performance combined with Quadro Professional Graphics Visualization. The VSC455 is the ideal visual computing solution for technical professionals who have had to rely on CPU clusters in the past for performing complex dataset processing.

“JRTI and Velocity Micro are excited about the inclusion of the VSC455 V8 to our already extensive line of Accelerated Computing solutions for the High Performance Computing marketplace,” stated Leo Iantosca, CEO of JRTI. “By continuing to offer compelling and groundbreaking solutions like the VSC455, Velocity Micro and JRTI have created a one stop shop for customers in need of a compelling supercomputing solution for even the most intensive and complex data computations.”

The VSC455 V8 represents a huge step forward in computing power thanks to Velocity Micro’s enhanced engineering techniques and the extreme hardware muscle that the NVIDIA Tesla C1060 provides. By linking eight Tesla cards to work in tandem, Velocity Micro has created a tool that the world’s most brilliant minds can utilize to solve data heavy, computationally intensive challenges including molecular dynamics and financial and structural analyses, along with many others.

“We’ve created a truly revolutionary performance solution by leveraging our renowned engineering for high-end computing,” said Chip Lowell, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Velocity Micro. “The VSC455 V8 brings unprecedented computational power with a minimal footprint within the reach of scientists, researchers, educators, and designers. JRTI is the perfect partner to bring the VSC455 V8 to those communities which require this level of computational power.”

"The personal supercomputer represents an important milestone in high performance computing and has had a significant impact across a wide range of research fields and industries," said Andy Keane, general manager, Tesla business at NVIDIA. "Delivering up to 8 teraflops in a workstation form-factor, the JRTI VSC-455 V8 delivers true supercomputer power in an easily deployable and accessible package."

Key features of the VSC455 V8 include:

  • 8 DOUBLE WIDE / PCI-E 2.0 x16 slots
  • Up to 8 NVIDIA Tesla C1060 GPUs with 32 GB of GPU memory in a single server module
  • Quadro FX Professional Series Graphics with SLI support
  • Dual Intel Xeon processors 5500 Series
  • Supports up to 144GB DDR3 Memory
  • Options for Dual internal 2.5” SATA drives or single 3.5” SATA
  • Office friendly Workstation chassis also available in 4u Rack mount workstation/server
  • Customizable chassis designs to meet the specific needs of each customer

For more information about this or other Velocity Micro High Performance Computing solutions, visit Velocity HPC.

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