mATX Perfection

There’s only one word that truly describes how we feel about the PC – Passionate. Never before has that passion been so evident as with our new 100% aluminum mATX MX3 chassis. Over six months of development, we’ve obsessed over every detail in the MX3 to ensure that it’s something to behold, something that conveys how passionate we are about our products, this industry, and our customers. Learn more below about the fruits of these labors, the stunning new MX3 from Velocity Micro. Whether you're looking for a gaming PC, a workstation, or just a powerful home office PC, the MX3 is the place to start. A PC Magazine Editors' Choice winner!

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No Limits

The MX3 chassis is a mATX design without the limitations often seen in that form factor. Able to handle two of the largest graphics cards on the market like the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti with ease and supporting extremely powerful PSUs, the MX3 is something truly innovative and vastly powerful.

Superior Cooling

We designed the MX3 to dissipate heat better than any mATX chassis on the market through the following methods, all resulting in a cooler, more stable PC:

  • A unique vertical push/pull system sucks air through the bottom of the case, across vital components, and then out through the top fan (in standard configurations). It’s letting hot air do what it’s always done – rise upwards.
  • The aluminum chassis works as a giant heat sink, to pull warm air away from your components rather than trapping it like steel or plastic cases do.
  • An optional 240mm liquid cooling solution pushes CPU heat from a side mounted radiator, allowing for extreme overclocking and better processor longevity.

Innovative Design

  • Just because it’s small, doesn’t mean there isn’t room for loads of storage. Able to hold up to SIX hard drives, the MX3 is in a class by itself.
  • Quick release, hot swappable hard drive cage makes upgrades simple and toolless.
  • Maximum, Simple Connectivity. With top mounted dual USB 3.0 ports along with microphone and headphone jacks, connectivity of your favorite peripheral devices just got easier.

Sleek Aesthetic

We intended the MX3 to be sleek and modern, with an aesthetic that fits in any office, dorm, or living room. The solid front panel, clean straight lines, and understated lighting is a welcome change to the flashy and garish designs of the performance PC industry. This is a PC you'll be proud to show off.

Compact Size

Not only did we design the MX3 chassis to be pleasing to the eye, we also created it to fit virtually anywhere. Gone are the days when an ultra-performance PC had to be too cumbersome to move or too large to fit on a desk. At just 15” x 19” x 7”, the MX3 is as compact as it is stylish without sacrificing one drop of muscle.

A Legacy of Excellence

Since our first review in 2002, no PC manufacturer has won more awards from the press than has Velocity Micro. Featured in CNET, PC Magazine, PC Gamer, Maximum PC and many more, Velocity Micro PCs continue to be lauded by reviewers and customers alike for its performance, build quality, and stunning design.

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