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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Velocity Micro?

Since our first review, no one has been able to match Velocity Micro's PCs in craftsmanship, performance, and quality. To read more about what makes us different, check out this page.

Comparing us to Dell or HP? Awesome. Read more here about how we stack up.

I'm not a gamer, but should I still invest in a custom PC?

Absolutely. Our reputation may come from our success building record breaking gaming PCs, but we're so much more than that. In fact, we were originally founded to build high performance desktops for CAD applications. Since, we've built thousands of computers for customers just like you looking for a reliable home PC, an office desktop, or benchmark crushing workstation. There's just something about a lightning fast PC, shipped without bloatware, and supported by in house experts that seems to keep people coming back for more.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Since 2002, we've been shipping our ultra-performance PCs to enthusiasts all over the world. We'll ship anywhere in the world that UPS will deliver. If you're unsure whether your location applied, just ask! Keep in mind though, that International shipping charges will apply. For a custom quote on shipping to your location, email us at vmsales [at] velocitymicro [dot] com. We'll get back to you on that same business day. Please note, that we do not accept non US-based credit cards. For International shipments, we prefer payment through Paypal.

How much is shipping?

Standard Ground shipping costs between $49 and $99 depending on the system. Additional charges will apply to customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and International shipments. For a custom shipping quote, email us at vmsales [at] velocitymicro [dot] com or call 804-419-0900.

How much power supply do I need?

Because every PC build is unique to your specifications, there's unfortunately no blanket answer here. Obviously, you must make sure when configuring a PC that the PSU has enough capacity to power your components. Typically, the graphics card will be the biggest power draw in a PC, so a lower capacity PSU will usually suffice for single GPU configurations whereas multi GPU configurations typically require at least 850W. For more detailed information, check out our blog post on this very subject.

What's the difference between a Xeon and i7 Processor?

In general, Xeon processors are designed for higher demand workstation or server applications, where extreme longevity is a must. I7 Processors are typically consumer based, so an overall better value. To read a detailed breakdown of all the differences, check out this blog post.

What's the difference between your case options?

Each chassis we use is specially designed for certain users and applications with size and form factor being the key differentiators. Here's a quick rundown of our current flagship line:

  • NX2 - Our newest small form factor, the NX2 uses mITX motherboards but extended depth for larger graphics cards and side/top vents make this case ideal for power users with limited space. Read More
  • MX5 - Our mid tower mATX option, the MX5 can handle more hard drives and multiple graphics cards without taking up your entire desk.
  • SX3 - Our full sized ATX tower, the SX3 doesn't hold anything back. Designed for optimal airflow and support for next gen components, the SX3 is the perfect building block for your next gaming, workstation, or home PC build.

Why aren't there pictures of the back of each pc?

Our configurations change rapidly, with new components added almost every day. Since the specific image of the PCs I/O is so specific to the motherboard and video card, we're simply not able to post pictures of every possible option. If you have questions about what I/O ports your configuration will have, just contact us.

How can I find out how many USB ports a system has?

USB ports are specific to the motherboard you select. Simply click the blue ? symbol beside the motherboard line item on any configurator page. The pop up page will list the number of rear USB ports. All of our cases also have two USB 3.0 on the front.

When can I choose to extend my warranty?

Warranties can be extended at purchase, or within 30-days of receiving your PC.

My system is out of warranty. What do I do?

All PCs we build and ship come with lifetime phone support, so you'll never be charged for questions or troubleshooting. If we find that your hardware needs to be repaired out of warranty, we will do that for a base labor fee plus the cost of any parts.

What about the upgrade program?

Anytime during the life of your PC, you have the option to return your system to our factory for basic interior cleaning, general maintenance, driver and BIOS updates, operating system updates, discounted component hardware upgrades, and standard performance tuning and benchmarking. The program is included with all PCs we sell. Read More

I ordered a monitor/speakers but they didn't arrive with the PC. Why?

Monitors and speakers often dropship directly from our supplier. We attempt to coordinate delivery on the same day as your PC, but it sometimes just doesn't work out that way. If you've received your PC but not the monitor or speakers you ordered, give us a call at 804-419-0900 and we'll find out why.

Do you have financing options?

Yes! We now proudly support consumer financing through Bread to help you get your dream PC quicker and easier. Click here to learn more about this option.

What's your return policy?

Velocity Micro offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our systems purchased directly from Velocity Micro, subject to an industry standard 20% restocking fee. Because all Velocity Micro PCs are built from the ground up to your custom specifications, this fee is not negotiable and cannot be waived. Our full return policy statement can be found here.

Ok, I'm lost. Can you help?

We sure can. Shoot us an email at vmsales [at] velocitymicro [dot] com, chat using the pop-up window on any configurator page, or all us M-F 8:00am - 6:00pm EST at 804-419-0900.