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Get Back Up to Speed!

At Velocity Micro, we build our machines to be fast, powerful, and reliable. When you bought your Velocity PC, you got a great system made from premium parts. Our lifetime upgrade program helps you get the most out of your investment. When you buy your system from us, our commitment to you lasts for as long as you have your computer. Anytime you want, you can send your rig back to our factory for cleaning, repair, or to get an upgrade.

Our engineers can help keep your computer running like new. When you're need of a faster system, our computer upgrade program can save you a lot compared to buying a new PC. All upgraded hardware comes with a 1 year warranty, and free phone support for life. To keep your computer in peak condition, we recommend sending it in for turning every 15-18 months.

Components You Can Upgrade or Replace

We only use premium, retail-grade components to assemble our computers. This makes them faster and more reliable than many pre-built systems. Retail parts are also easier to upgrade. When you’re ready to upgrade your PC, our engineers can swap out anything you want, including:

  • The latest processors from Intel or AMD
  • Updated motherboards
  • New or additional RAM
  • A better graphics card
  • SSD or large volume hard drives
  • Replace your power supply - Historically, this is one of the first things to fail in most PC’s
  • New optical drives - DVD-RW or Blu-Ray. We’ll even install the drivers!
  • Sound Cards
  • New Wifi cards - 802.11AC is a big improvement, especially for streaming!

In addition to new components, our team can also upgrade your software. Whether you want to update your anti-virus or install the latest version of Windows, we’ve got you covered.

Professional Maintenance

When you ship your computer to our factory, we’ll check each part, giving them a thorough cleaning. Our engineers will update your system’s BIOS and make sure you’re running the latest version of Windows.

Then, they’ll put everything back together and run tests to make sure everything is working properly.

Included Services

  • Incoming UPS ground shipping label
  • Thorough chassis and fan cleaning and dusting (interior and exterior)
  • Component inspection, contacts cleaning, re-seating
  • Motherboard BIOS updates
  • HD1 reformat and clean Windows reinstallation (existing OS License)
  • Windows updates installed
  • Latest drivers installed and updated
  • Microsoft Defender install, update, scan
  • Basic system software testing and tuning
  • Comprehensive core system hardware testing, QC inspection
  • UPS ground shipping back to customer
  • One year new hardware warranty (newly installed components only)

How it Works

Contact our sales or support teams via email, phone, or chat for assistance with our lifetime computer upgrade program. Our team will evaluate your current system, and make component recommendations based on your needs. Once you finalize your component options with our team, we’ll email you a prepaid UPS shipping label. Box up your PC, attach the label and drop off your system anywhere that accepts UPS deliveries.

Your system gets sent to our Richmond, VA facility. Once it arrives, our experts clean it and test the hardware to make sure everything is working like it should be. If they discover any issues, or you asked for them to recommend upgrades, they'll contact you. We'll install your upgrades and double check everything one more time Once we're positive your system is working perfectly, we'll box it up and send it back to you. The whole process takes about 5 working days plus shipping time. You invested a lot into your PC. Our upgrade program means you’ll get to enjoy a cutting edge system for years to come. Contact our support team to started with out computer upgrade program now!