Go back to school in style with this year's Campus Edition, available for a limited time! Our engineers have 20 years of experience in creating something that's better than the sum of its parts. The Vector Campus Edition is our best budget PC ever and perfect for back to school. Get the performance of a hand-assembled PC for what you’d spend on a mass-produced machine from the competition. Includes our legendary lifetime phone support.


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Getting the best value for your money is about more than just buying something that’s cheap. Saving some cash on your computer now won’t mean a lot if you have to replace the whole thing in a year. This PC isn’t cheap, it’s affordable.

We started the Vector Campus Edition program to build the perfect PC for the whole family. This meant building something they could use for as long as they were at school and beyond, but was also the perfect family PC. The result is a computer that's fast, affordable, and built to last. With the Vector Campus Edition, we've redefined entry level.


Getting a great deal on a computer shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing quality. We only use retail-grade components that come from today's best manufacturers. Before we offer them for sale, we test them against our own high standards. We'll only pick the components that strike the perfect balance between price and performance.

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Our exclusive compact NX chassis uses an all-aluminum design that matches any decor. The case also doubles as a heatsink, helping cool your components better than something made from plastic or steel. Made to blend into your dorm or home, this minimalist box is the perfect starting point for your performance PC.

  • Compact Design: The NX Chassis is only 13” tall, making it easy to tuck this PC away almost anywhere.
  • Easy Port Access: A top mounted exhaust fan pulls heat up and out.
  • Optimized Cooling: Hand-assembly means that you won’t have to worry about loose cables or disturbed airflow.


We’re obsessed with the perfection that can only come from expert assembly. There is never an assembly line. Instead, your Vector Campus Edition is hand-built by one of our expert engineers. No detail is too small for them to care about, which is why we turn every screw by hand and tuck each cable safely away. The end result is a more stable system with better airflow that’s easier to service or upgrade.

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No other company has received more professional awards than Velocity Micro. Not only do our systems outperform the competition, but no one comes close to our legendary build quality. This is why Velocity Micro PC's are a frequent favorite at PC Gamer, Wired, CNET, and others. More importantly, Velocity Micro customers love the systems they receive.

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We don’t ship a system unless we’re certain it’s as powerful as we can make it. After building your custom PC, we put it through its paces with a grueling set of stress tests. We custom tune each component to make your machine stable and still blazingly fast. Then, we’ll review the build with an exhaustive 200-point QA checklist to make sure your rig meets our own lofty standards.

This might be our entry level system, but that doesn’t mean we cut any corners. This is the same process we use for every computer we build. When you order from Velocity Micro, we always guarantee a remarkable experience.

Sure, it’s more work. But no one ever said that creating something this remarkable would be easy...

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All Velocity Micro computers come with complimentary phone support for life. If you need help, you can call us during normal business hours and we'll connect you with a US-based expert for free. Seriously. It’s like having your own personal geek, just a phone call away. It costs us more, but we refuse to let anything get in the way of an astonishing customer experience.


Every Velocity Micro PC ships from our headquarters in Richmond, VA. Your Vector Campus Edition is no different. If we have our name on it, we built it here. We don't outsource, and we never will.

We don’t compromise. It’s just that simple.

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Some of our competitors keep their costs lower with something we call Bloatware. They’ll install trialware, toolbars and free apps on your system so that it’s preloaded with junk no one wants. This bloatware slows down your system and takes up valuable space. We hate it at least as much as you do, which is why we never install bloatware on our systems. When you boot your PC, it will only have the software you asked us to install and nothing else. Period.

We don’t do it, and we never will. With Velocity Micro, we only install what you ask us for, and not a thing more.

Vector Campus Edition