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Clinch Valley Soil and Water Conservation District MX3 PC

Reliable Security
Sound and Data

Reliable Security Sound and Data is a Velocity Micro Value Added Reseller – a national security and AV integrator with a focus on the casino gaming market. The highly specific needs of their customers required a unique set of hardware configurations in both desktop and rack mounted form factors not available from most PC suppliers. That’s where we stepped in.

“We use Velocity Micros for both network servers and workstations for critical systems that require extreme high mean time to failure,” said Bill Miller, RSSD President. “RSSD has a strictly high-end commercial application and we had problems with other supplies and their bloatware that came standard with their computers. To remove this bloatware, it took a fair amount of time since some of the bloatware was ‘hidden.’”

By working directly with the RSSD team, Velocity Micro was able to co-develop a set of desktop and server product offerings unique to them in both configuration and form factor with a strong emphasis on performance and reliability. Plus, as an official Velocity Micro reseller, RSSD has direct access to discounted pricing and extended warranty/support options, something that was a big selling point for Miller and his team.

“We require a commercial supplier with commercial tech support that can support our requirements in real time with a simple procedure so we can maintain our network critical infrastructure for our customers,” he said. “The support from the consumer suppliers was terrible, they are more interested in the process than in actually getting a resolution to the problem.”

When asked what his favorite thing about working with Velocity Micro has been, Miller didn’t hesitate. “We have found the build quality and the post-sales support to be above that of any of the competing suppliers,” he said.

Photo of Bill Miller

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