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R. Michael Cross Design Group

The R. Michael Cross Design Group is a full-service architectural firm with a focus on designing sustainable environments and experience in both residential and commercial design. Their LEED Accredited team uses Revit on Velocity Micro workstations to tackle a range of AEC design and rendering challenges.

R. Michael Cross Design Group HD60
Michael Cross

“I recommend Velocity Micro to anyone I meet who is a professional responsible for creating digital content.”

—R. Michael Cross, Principal Architect, R. Michael Cross Design Group

The dependability of a Velocity Micro system

Like most small businesses, Michael Cross relies heavily on his PC Workstation to give them an edge over the competition, speed up his workflow, and ultimately become more productive. This is why finding the right workstation solutions in Velocity Micro has been so important to their success.

“We’re a small architectural firm that has embraced technology as a way of expanding capacity and providing competitive advantage since our inception,” said Michael Cross, Principal Architect. “Our workstations are not just a critical tool, but in fact they house our entire digital workshop.”

And for Cross and his team, it wasn’t just the benchmarks that drove them to stick with Velocity Micro workstations, but the dependability that they’ve been able to provide. After all, any downtime means lost revenue, especially in the small business environment. “Prior to purchasing from Velocity Micro, I had a custom-built PC from a Mom & Pop outfit that had great specs and decent performance, but lacked the stability and reliability that Velocity Micro PCs deliver. They arrive lean and mean, ready to perform and absent of any bloatware or gimmicky apps. We load our software and trust that workstation will run without issue for years to come,” added Cross.

“They’re a work of art and the performance and dependability are amazing,” said Cross when asked about his favorite aspect of his Velocity Micro PCs. “As a small business owner, knowing that I can phone in an order for an additional workstation and that the team at Velocity Micro is going to make sure that I am getting the absolute best PC for my needs is priceless.”

“I recommend Velocity Micro to anyone I meet who is a professional responsible for creating digital content.”

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