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Become a Velocity Micro Reseller

Offer your clients Velocity Micro's custom PC solutions.

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Velocity Micro Reseller Program

Extend your market reach, boost profitability, and meet your customers' needs with the Velocity Micro Reseller Program. Now you can offer your clients exceptional high-performance computer systems without risking reputation or quality.

Velocity Micro offers resellers volume purchase discounts and specialized services at competitive prices. For your convenience and to help lower costs, we can drop ship orders direct to your customers. Learn more about our computer hardware reseller program below.
Reseller Application

Program Benefits

Increased Revenues - Grow your business by offering your customers high performance systems that outperform the competition, without the overhead of technical staff and production space.

Premium Brand Recognition - The Velocity Micro brand is associated with highest class of components, careful assembly methods, and genuine customer support. Having earned over 60+ major Editors' Choice awards from the PC industry press, we provide a product worthy of your reputation. Customized, Open Systems - Every system is built-to-order exactly as your client specifies. This process lets you show your customers the best solution to meet any application requirement without sacrificing your flexibility. No proprietary parts are involved, so you can offer your customer a highly upgradeable platform that will be viable for years to come.
Superior Customer Service - Velocity Micro offers customer support that includes VelocityCare - one year of toll-free, 24/7 technical support for all systems shipped within the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Two- and three-year plans are also available. Beyond that, every system is supported for its length of ownership. This additional care frees your support staff to generate more revenue.
To qualify for the computer reseller program, simply fill out the Reseller Application and return it via email to jcovington [at] velocitymicro [dot] com. You'll receive a response within three business days. If your application is approved, a reseller code will be issued for immediate online pricing on our website. If you would like more information on our reseller program, please contact Reseller Sales at 888-300-4450 or jcovington [at] velocitymicro [dot] com.