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Ansys Workstations

From computational fluid dynamics to structural analysis, electromagnetic, or 3D design, our ultra-performance Ansys workstations will reduce wait times and improve interactivity in your workflow to make you more productive.

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Real World Simulation

Simulation-focused software that scales with processing cores, RAM, and GPU is what sets ANSYS apart from other competing software tools. Our ability to harness that hardware power is what sets us apart.

Multi-core Power

Ansys is designed to run on the highest core count processors available. By optimizing for up to 128 cores and 256 processing threads, we’re able to get every drop of performance from your software.

25 Years Experience

We’ve been building award winning workstations for professional workflows since 1997. It's that legacy that we continue to bring to every Ansys PC we create today.


ProMagix™ HD150

The meticulously crafted ProMagix™ HD150 Workstation features the professional quality hardware you need to accelerate your Ansys workflow. Powered by AMD Threadripper.

ProMagix HD80
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ProMagix™ HD360A

This one-of-a-kind workstation utilizes AMD's Eypc platform and new 7nm Infinity Architecture to create the highest CPU core count possible on a desktop, ideal for highly threaded applications like Ansys Fluent.

ProMagix HD360
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ProMagix™ HD360MAX

Our most versatile workstation ever, the dual socket ProMagix™ HD360MAX features high core count Intel Scalable Xeon processors, high speed ECC RAM, and ultra fast NVMe SSDs. Perfect for the extreme demands of all Ansys applications.

ProMagix HD360
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[The ProMagix HD80] is a lot of computer, and runs incredibly fast … It’s just built right.

- Post Magazine, June 2021

Ansys FAQ

Is Velocity Micro an Ansys Certified Partner?

Yes, Velocity Micro is a certified Ansys partner. We've worked alongside the Ansys team for years to develop hardware that's optimized to take advantage of Ansys' robust capabilities.

How Much RAM Do I Need for Ansys?

The more complex your simulation, the more RAM you’ll need. We typically recommend 128GB of fast DDR4 RAM, with as much as 512GB ideal for more complex projects.

What Hard Drive Should I Choose?

A fast solid state drive will improve overall performance. We recommend an M.2 NVMe Gen 4 drive like the Samsung 980 Pro with at least 512GB capacity.

What GPU is Best for Ansys?

A fast Quadro GPU will smooth out visualizations and accelerate calculations with CUDA processing. We recommend a Quadro A4000 or RTX 4000 at minimum.

I don’t know what I need – can you help?

Yes! Our sales team is happy to help with putting a configuration together to meet your needs and budget. Email or call us at 804-419-0900 for assistance.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we do accept purchase orders with Net Terms from pre-approved accounts. Contact us for details or complete our application here.

Speak to our experts

Our performance specialists can help you find the right workstation purpose-built for your applications and workflow.

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25 years of experience has made us the leading PC manufacturer for High-end professional workstations.

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