Velocity Micro understands how important your PC is to daily life. It is our goal to repair your PC quickly, but thoroughly so you experience no additional concerns. We appreciate your partnership in working together to resolve your current PC issues. Below outlines what will occur while your PC is in our Repair Depot for repair. We will be in communication with you throughout the repair experience to inform you of the status.

Repair Process

  1. Computer is placed on one of our repair benches.
  2. A technician is assigned to the PC and diagnosis of the PC begins.
  3. The technician will update the notes within the ticket (Real-time updates to your ticket are visible by Logging-in to the Support Portal). The technician may also call you to give you status of the machine after the initial diagnosis.
  4. Once the system has been diagnosed, parts that need to be replaced will be installed and, if necessary, a complete wipe and reload of the operating system will be completed.
  5. The technician will benchmark the system for a minimum of 24 hours after the format and the installation of replacement parts is complete.
  6. Once the benchmarking is complete the system will be prepped for a Quality Control check. The Quality Control Specialist will review all aspects of the machine to ensure the system is functioning at 100 percent and the PC matches the original build specifications.
  7. When the PC is ready to ship you will be notified and provided a detailed explanation of the diagnosis and repair.
  8. The shipping team will append the repair ticket with return tracking information in the Support Portal.

Repair Overview

    Hardware Checked
  • Memory
  • Hard Drive
  • Processor
  • Video Card
  • Media Devices
  • Motherboard
  • Power Supply
  • Other Peripherals
    Required Steps
  • Hard drive reformatted
  • Clean install of operating system
  • Defective parts replaced with exact model or comparable or better specs
  • Drivers updated and placed on C: Drive in a drivers folder
  • PC cleaned inside/out
    Benchmarks/Tests as appropriate
  • Prime 95
  • Mem Test
  • HD Diagnostics
  • 3D Marks
  • Idle Temp/Load Temp

NOTE: Velocity Micro does NOT perform data recovery or safe guard your data during the reinstall of your operating system. If there is data on your hard drive that is important you may want to consider the following options: