Steps in the repair process

  1. Shipping Inbound — The system repair turn-around time begins with shipping to Richmond-VA, normally 1-5 days. Of course this is determined largely by the point of origin and shipping level.
  2. Received/In Queue — The system is received from shipping and placed into the repair queue, this is the step with the longest duration. This normally may last as long as 5 days, but depending on the number of systems in the repair queue, there may be a extended time before your system is placed on the workbench and a technician begins diagnosis.
  3. Benched — The system is benched and assessed by our repair team. Hardware is tested, diagnosis made and parts are ordered if required. Part availability may affect repair time. BIOS updates, OS and driver installation occurs at this point if required. The repair process usually takes 3 to 4 business days to allow for final testing and burn-in of any replaced parts.
  4. Shipping Outbound — The system repair turn-around time comes to an end, normally 1-5 days to ship back to end user. Of course this is determined largely by the point of return and shipping level. The warranty allows for UPS ground shipping, but expediting shipping is available for purchase.

Other Factors

The repair turnaround time may fluctuate with the season depending on our current sales or repair volume. During heavy volume seasons like Back to School and Christmas for example, we experience a spike in repairs that can fill the queue and extend the repair turnaround time.

Please ask what the expected queue times are during your conversations with the support technicians prior to your system being recalled for repair.