Once a Support Technician has done the necessary troubleshooting with the system to warrant a diagnosis requiring an RMA part, an RMA request is then submitted. These requests are reviewed by a supervisor who will either:

  1. Approve and send off the RMA request to be processed for shipping.
    • Approved RMA's are processed and shipped 48-72* hours after the request is approved.
    • All RMA parts are shipped via UPS ground. Customers may pay the difference between ground shipping and an expedited shipping method.
  2. Determine more information or troubleshooting is necessary.
    • Original technician will be in contact with the customer to retrieve any additional information necessary to complete the RMA request.

*Delays in this process may include, but are not limited to:

  • Inventory assessment
  • Extended shipping queue
  • Inclement Weather
  • Holidays

Internal processing may take 48-72 hours after which time it is slated for shipping via UPS ground. All RMA's ship via UPS ground only, unless upgraded shipping is purchased by the customer at the time of submitting the RMA request. Refer to the image below for estimated Ground shipping times from Richmond, Virginia.

Shipping times map