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Award winning PCs designed for gaming, home & office, streaming, and media creation

Rapture Signature PC
Raptor Signature
The epitome of ulta-performance with a bevy of customizations.
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Raptor Z95 PC
Raptor Z95
Award winning power, available in mATX and ATX.
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Raptor Z55 PC
Raptor Z55
Midrange perfection. Our all-time most popular.
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Raptor M60 PC
Raptor M60
Multi-core power courtesy of AMD Ryzen 7.
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Raptor Z40 PC
Raptor Z40
Budget gaming in a our small form factor chassis.
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Raptor One All in One PC
Raptor One
A stunning 34" All-In-One.
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Vector Z35 PC
Vector Z35
For high end home office. A Best of the Year winner.
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Vector M30 PC
Vector M30
Budget friendly multi-core performance from AMD.
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Vector Z25 PC
Vector Z25
Redefining entry level in a small form factor.
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Vector Winter Edition PC
Vector Spring
A once a year exclusive, perfect for the whole family.
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Vector Z15 PC
Vector Z15
Premium hardware in our classic Smallblock chassis.
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Vector Mini PC
Velocity Mini
The world's smallest desktop, powered by Intel.
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Home Theaters
Raptor Multiplex HTPC
Raptor Multiplex
Game, stream, and work from the living room.
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CineMagix Grand Theater HTPC
CineMagix Grand Theater
An all-purpose home theater PC.
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ProMagix M17SLI Mobile Workstation
ProMagix M17SLI
Up to two GTX 10-Series GPUs for stunning graphics.
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Signature 17 Desktop Replacement Laptop
Signature 17
Desktop processors make this our most powerful laptop ever.
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Raptor MX70 Laptop
Raptor MX70
Budget-friendly gaming performance on a larger screen.
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NoteMagix M17 Laptop
NoteMagix M17
Large screen on a small budget. Fully configurable.
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Raptor M15Q Mobile Workstation
ProMagix M15Q
Our mobile workstation featuring Quadro graphics.
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Signature 15 Desktop Replacement Laptop
Signature 15
Desktop processors make this our most powerful 15" laptop.
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Raptor S55 Laptop
Raptor S55
Thin and stylish with powerful NVIDIA graphics.
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Raptor MX50 Laptop
Raptor MX50
Budget-friendly gaming performance.
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NoteMagix M15 Laptop
NoteMagix M15
A balance of power and portability.
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Raptor MX40 Laptop
Raptor MX40
Discrete graphics in a compact design.
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Vector 14 Laptop
Vector 14
Thin, light, and portable. Perfect for travel.
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Raptor One All in One PC
Raptor One
A stunning 34" All-In-One.
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RennSeat Pro Racing Simulator
RennSeat Pro
A full racing simulator. Not for the faint of heart.
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Building remarkable custom PCs is our passion. It’s in our blood. This commitment to excellence coupled with over 20 years of experience in the industry is why our gaming, home & office, and enthusiast desktops and laptops have won dozens of awards from places like PC Magazine, CNET, Maximum PC, PC Gamer, and many others – an incredible 70+ awards in total over our storied history. Simply put, when you buy a Velocity Micro desktop or laptop, you’re buying the very best. The genuine article.

We’ve been so successful for so long because we focus on one thing – creating a remarkable PC experience. We do this by using only premium, retail-grade components with no bloatware, meticulously assembled, wired, and tuned, allowing us to outperform the competition again and again. But extreme performance is nothing without reliability, which is why we test every inch of the PC to make sure it meets our own lofty standards before leaving our Richmond, VA headquarters. And the best part - every system includes free lifetime phone support from our in-house 100% US-based call center. We’d simply want it no other way.
This is more than just a gaming PC. This is a PC that exceeds your expectations, from gaming to media creation to home office use, and everything in between. Configure yours today to join the New PC Experience.

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