Retail Versus Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

All computer chips are produced in volume on large silicon wafers. Individual chips are trimmed from the wafer and used to make components; processors, graphics cards, modems, network cards, and motherboard chipsets all result from this process.

Manufacturers must test every single chip in order to determine its capabilities. Some chips simply run faster or perform better than others. Higher performing chips make up the best retail components, while the slower performers are typically sold in bulk to the large Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), who use these components in the majority of their systems. What does this mean for you? By using these "whitebox" parts that have already been confirmed to run slower in their systems, large OEMs build PCs that will simply perform worse and fail earlier than systems built with retail components.

Velocity Micro is different. All motherboards, CPUs, video cards, RAM, sound cards, optical drives, and other performance components we use are boxed or retail grade, ensuring the highest level of quality and reliability attainable. Combined with our stringent Assembly Process, these superior components mean that you get an ultra performance system at an amazing value.

Use the better chipsets from each yield of silicon, resulting in faster, cooler operation Slower or hotter operation
Offers better software bundle of programs Offers no software bundle
Larger heatsinks or integrated cooling fans Smaller heatsink or none at all
Includes complete product documentation, literature, and registration card Includes no product documentation or literature
Often includes rebates or promotions, which we send with the system documentation No rebates or promotions
Usually offers a longer or lifetime warranty to the consumer Offers 1 year warranty to the OEM, not the consumer
Offers available direct technical support by the product Provides no tech support to consumers, instead refers calls to the OEM
Guarantees genuine authenticity Could be mislabeled or counterfeit