High End Gaming Computers

the Right PC for You

When you want the right computer, you need a company that specializes in high-end gaming computers. At Velocity Micro, we specialize in hardcore gaming PCs and workstation PCs to give you the power you need. We offer pre-built gaming PCs, as well as custom-built computers designed to your specifications.

Get Your Game On!

Gamers need PCs designed with graphics, video and sound in mind. While you can buy a gaming workstation PC many places, our boutique gaming PC will be built with you in mind to your needs. We create enthusiast gaming PCs to play the best games without the lag of many mainstream PCs. We work with you to make sure your PC exceeds your expectations.

We Also Create Work PCs

While gaming is one of the most popular uses of computers today, some jobs require specialized PCs. We also offer workstation PC services so you can obtain the customized computers you need to succeed. This includes media creation PCs and CAD workstation PCs. You will have all the power you need to get your job done right.