Announcing the MX3 chassis

Velocity Micro MX3 chassisToday we’ve announced the culmination of six months of research and development – our new MX3 chassis.

Needless to say, we’re a little excited.

MX3 Open Bottom Side_ShadowSimply put, the MX3 is one of the most impressive cases we’ve ever designed. By combining the compact footprint of a mATX form factor with the power capability of an ultra-performance PC, we’ve proven that you no longer need a big, bulky box to build a system capable of extreme gaming and media creation at even 4K resolutions. It’s a big step forward for us and the industry as a whole.

The MX3 is as full of features as it is easy on the eyes. As close to mATX perfection and you can get.

Here are just a few of the reasons the MX3 is so remarkable:

  • Capable of handling any two extreme graphics cards in SLI or CrossFire – even the GTX 780 Ti
  • Up to 6 Hard Drives in a tool-less hard drive cage for quick and easy swapping
  • 240mm radiator, closed loop liquid cool capable for extreme overclocking of Devil’s Canyon unlocked CPUs
  • Superior cooling even on air – top and bottom fans pull air in and across vital components while dual side fans push warm air out
  • Dual USB 3.0 and audio ports on the top of the chassis for easy access no matter your desk orientation
  • Solid aluminum construction turns the case into a giant heat sink, pulling warm air away from vital components
  • Measures 15” H x 19” D x 7” W

It’s been a long road to get here but the payoff is definitely worth it for our customers. To learn more about our newest creation, go here.

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