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Gaming & Enthusiast Desktop PCs

Looking for a great Gaming PC? Building remarkable, finely crafted gaming PCs is our passion. Since our first review, no one has been able to match Velocity Micro’s PCs in craftsmanship, performance, and quality. Our expert engineers obsess over each and every detail to ensure that every system that leaves our warehouse will blow the doors off of the competition. It’s this ongoing pursuit of perfection that has made our gaming PCs famous with enthusiasts and gamers all over the world.


Home & Office Desktop PCs

Our advanced engineering and meticulous testing process allows us to build a home office desktop that’s fast, smooth, reliable, and lasts longer than competing desktops that are mass produced overseas. Starting under $600, these systems are perfect for the home and office user on any budget. Choose your dream system by selecting the premium components for the performance you need and let our expertise do the rest.


Home Theater PCs

Velocity Micro’s award winning Media Center and Home Theater PCs are the perfect addition to any ultimate home theater set up. Built only with premium parts and assembled with the meticulous care and craftsmanship we’re known for, these systems are designed to integrate seamlessly into your current set-up. With cable card support, these systems replace your cable box, DVR, and Blu-ray/DVD.

Choose one of the systems below or contact our expert sales team to help you complete the home theater of your dreams.


Laptop Computers

With a Velocity Micro laptop, you can take the extreme performance and expert engineering of a Velocity Micro desktop with you anywhere. Built with the same award winning care that has made us famous, these laptops epitomize power, quality, and value. Build your dream ultra performance mobile system today!

  • NoteMagix™ M17

    The absolute ultimate in mobile power. This 17" notebook features a backlit keyboard, 4th gen Intel Core i7 processor, and NVIDIA 800 GPU. Assembled by our expert engineers in Richmond, VA.

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    Starting At: $1799
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  • NoteMagix™ M15

    THE premier choice for mobile gaming. This notebook features a 4th gen Intel Core i7 processor and nVidia GTX 770M GPU for extreme power. Assembled by our expert engineers in Richmond, VA.

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    Starting At: $1599
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  • NoteMagix™ M15 LE

    Perfect for lighter mobile gaming, digital media, or everday computing, the M15 LE is designed for style and performance, even on a budget. Assembled by our expert engineers in Richmond, VA.

    Starting At: $1149
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Media & CAD Workstation PCs

Velocity Micro was founded by designing and creating extraordinary workstations for power users just like you. Today we specialize in highly customized systems that offer the latest hand chosen premium grade components, expertly tuned for maximum power, speed, and reliability. Choose one of the systems below to begin experiencing the difference an expertly engineered and supported ultra-performance workstation can make to your multimedia, 3D, audio or other high demand projects.

  • ProMagix™ HD360MAX

    This dual CPU system is optimized for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, CAD, 3DS Max, and MATLAB. Two Xeon processors and NVIDIA GPU options make this a powerhouse.

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    Starting At: $2999
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  • ProMagix™ HD80

    Heavy duty media creators, CAD professionals, and multimedia enthusiasts, look no further than the ProMagix HD80 featuring professional grade GPUs and Intel Xeon processors.

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    Starting At: $1799
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  • ProMagix™ HD60

    For top-notch audio, photo, and video video editing on a budget, this Xeon-based workstation is perfect for avid enthusiasts and semi-professionals looking for more horsepower.

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    Starting At: $1399
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  • Promagix™ HD30 SmallBlock

    At just 13” tall, the ProMagix HD30 SmallBlock features expert hand craftsmanship in a tiny package, for a professional grade workstation that fits anywhere.

    Starting At: $999
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Corporate and Government Desktop PCs

Meet our powerful, highly reliable, and thoroughly upgradeable systems for corporate, government, and education buyers who require lasting platform consistency. Whether your needs are five or five hundred systems, look to Velocity Micro for a standardized platform to build your organization's computer foundation. Local US-based support means issues are resolved easily and efficiently, letting you manage your technology, rather than the other way around.

We are currently refreshing our B2B systems. Call us at 888 -300-4450 for a custom quote.


Business Servers

Whether you're looking to host your company website, crunch data, manage and share files, printers, MP3's, or a broadband connection, we've made our server solutions fast, dependable, upgradeable, and affordable.

Contact our expert sales team to help you choose the server that’s perfect for your needs.