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Utility that fixes (possibly) many common Windows XP problems, including non-functional Windows Update / Automatic Updates. Not compatible with Vista. For use when remoting in.
See Lunarsoft for more details.

K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool 2.2.4
This utility can sometimes fix broken codecs and non-working system sound.

Pixel Flash
This file is a composite web page with a animated GIF background. When viewed full-screen in a IE browser, it can be used to correct some pixel faults over time.
Warning: This is not to be used by those prone to seizures caused by flashing lights.

VM Addtotrusted v1
This utility edits the registry to add velocitymicro.com to the trusted sites lists. This eliminates the cookie error that some users may experience when visiting this support site.

VM Drivefix v2
This utility edits the registry to repair non-functional optical drive issue (appears in Windows Device Manager as problem devices, or missing Recording Tab in XP) and then reboots the system. Download the utility, reboot into safe mode, and run the utility. If you do not run the utility in safe more, running as Administrator, disabling User Account Control, or disabling security software may be required.

XP Winsock Fix
This utility resets the winsock networking component within XP.