Will my ATI 650 PCI tuner work in Windows 7?

Yes. If you have tried to install the ATI software from the CD that accompanied your tuner, you will find that it will not work on Windows 7. Microsoft originally stated that the tuner has not passed logo testing for Windows 7, but the Windows 7 Compatibility Center now shows the tuner to be compatible. We have tested successfully without error this particular tuner in all of our Windows 7 media center systems.

According to ATI, driver support for the 650 PCI tuner will not be ready until early 2010. But this is only half the story.
ATI also states that the tuners will work in Windows 7:

"Note: ATI All-in-Wonderâ„¢ cards function with AMD Windows Vista-Ready display drivers in Windows 7. However there is currently no software application which provides TV/Capture functionality for All-in-Wonderâ„¢ cards in Windows 7."

In other words, with the latest Catalyst drivers installed, the Vista-Ready drivers will install for the device and allow the tuner to function as designed within Windows Media Center. Updated drivers for Windows 7, as well as a Windows 7 compatible version of ATI's Media Center Software, will likely not be available until first-quarter of 2010, but this has no effect on the tuner's proven ability to function within Windows 7 Media Center.


AMD has resleased Windows 7 drivers for the ATI 650 PCI/PCIE tuner. Download them from AMD.