How do I reset the BIOS on my L80 notebook?

1. Remove the two screws securing the memory module cover. This is the panel on the underside on the notebook in the very center.
2. Lift off the memory module cover.
3. Pop out the two silver latches holding the memory module into place. The module pops up.
4. Grasp the outer edges of the memory module with thumb and forefinger, and then gently remove it.
(This notebook is equipped to support up to 2 memory modules. If your notebook is equipped with 2 modules, both will need to be removed, so repeat steps 3 and 4 for the second module.)
5. Locate the Clear CMOS junction circled in RED

6. Using the tip of a small screwdriver or similar conductive device, short the two halves of the junction together for about 60 seconds.
7. Re-install memory module(s) in reverse order from which they were removed. Place the memory module in the slot, matching up the notch along its connector rim with the tooth in the connection slot.
8. When the module has been securely seated, press down gently on it until it snaps into place. When all modules have been reinserted, return the module cover, and screw it back into place.
9. On your first system startup, a CMOS CHECKSUM ERROR is normal and to be expected. Enter system setup, navigate to the Exit menu, Load Setup Defaults, and press F10 to Save & Exit.