How do I run the Windows Memory Diagnostic?

Symptoms of bad or failed memory may include: failure to power up, endless beeps on power up, system crashes or blue screens - including during installation of the operating system.

To run the Windows memory diagnostic:

  1. If the system is able to boot to Windows, type Memory in the search box and click on Memory Diagnostic. Choose whether you wish to restart now and run the diagnostic or to run the check for problems the next time the computer is restarted. Save all work and exit all applications before restarting the computer.
  2. If the system is not able to boot to Windows, place the Windows DVD in the optical drive and restart the computer. You will see a prompt to press any key to boot from DVD. Windows setup will load. You will need to select your regional preferences. On the Install Windows screen, select Repair Your Computer. Windows Recovery will scan your drive. Once it finds the operating system, you will be directed to choose a recovery tool. Select Windows Memory Diagnostic.