The End of Support for Windows 7 is Here!

The End of Support for Windows 7 is Near!The date that many of you have been dreading is here. As of January 14, 2020, Microsoft has ended Windows 7 support as we know it. So how does that affect you? Read on through this brief FAQ to find out more.

What does end of Windows 7 support mean?

In short, an end of support means that Microsoft will no longer be providing any security or other software updates to Windows 7 as well as assisting with technical support of that product via their helpdesk. Without these updates, your PC may become vulnerable to viruses or other online security threats.

Does end of support mean my PC will stop working?

No. Windows 7 will continue to run and operate just as it always has, just without those updates you’re used to.

What do I do now that Windows 7 support has ended?

We know you’ve been avoiding it, but it’s time to either upgrade your current PC to Windows 10 (assuming compatibility), or purchase a new device with Windows 10 installed. Remember, continuing to use your Windows 7 PC after The Date exposes you to online risks like malware and viruses. Velocity Micro offers a variety of custom PC options for both home and business. Our team is happy to talk you through needs to find the right system for you.

Wait, can’t I upgrade to Windows 10 for free?

Microsoft did have a free upgrade offer available when Windows 10 was first released, but it has since expired. To upgrade your current device, you’ll need to purchase a full version through either a retailer, or the Windows store.

What about Windows 7 Pro users?

The end of Windows 7 support applies to Windows 7 Pro users too. But, to give you and your organization time to complete the migration over to Windows 10, Microsoft is making Extended Security Updates available for purchase through 2023. These updates are only for critical security issues and do not include basic bug fixes or patches, so don’t try and kick the can too far.

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