Multimedia PC Workstation Components

Multimedia PC Workstation Components

There are a few types of workstation computers. Multimedia workstations are probably the most unique. They typically have a much different set of components not seen in other systems. Below we will cover some of the common parts you should look for.

Multimedia Workstation Components

Processor: High core count CPU’s capable of handling video editing software, encoding, and rendering duty.

Capture & TV Tuner Cards: Capture cards and TV tuners are used to pull in video from external sources. You may or may not need one of these depending on your use case.

Graphics Card: Workstation GPU’s are typically the choice here. Nvidia Quadro, and AMD Firepro cards offer advance drivers that deliver the accuracy needed for professionals.

Internal Storage/NAS: Multimedia production typically requires A LOT of storage. If you have a large tower it can be housed internally, however NAS (Network Attached Storage) systems are becoming more and more popular due to their increased flexibility.

RAM: Multimedia applications require large amounts of RAM. These systems typically start at 32GB and can go up over 512GB.

External Media Devices: Depending on the type of content you worth with, external media devices, like CD/DVD/Blu-ray drives may be requires. You may also need VHS or projection equipment if you work with older forms a physical media.

Studio Monitors: Sound is an important part of any multimedia production computer. Good studio monitor speakers or headphones offer neutral, and uncolored audio suitable for production.

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