What is a Workstation Computer?

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A workstation PC is a computer designed to accomplish professional tasks. Unlike standard computers, workstations typically have specialized components that were designed to handle heavy computational or graphical tasks.

Uses for Workstation computers

Workstation computers tend to be built for very specific purposes, and their internal components will reflect that.

Unlike standard desktop computers, workstations typically support ECC (error correcting) RAM, and have advanced storage capabilities.

The product support and warranties are also much more robust, which is a major factor in driving up the cost of these components.

The major CPU, and GPU manufacturers offer product lines specifically tailors to workstation tasks.

Workstation CPU Lines

Intel: Xeon & X series

AMD: Threadripper

Workstation GPU Lines

Nvidia: Quadro

AMD: Radeon Pro

Workstation Computer Types

Graphical Production: These computers are designed to produce 2D/3D images and animations.

Servers: Multi-core CPU based systems, designed in many cases to run indefinitely and handle complex computational tasks.

Multimedia: The CPU and GPU typically work together in multimedia or production systems to encode, edit, and produce professional audio/video.

Modeling: Modeling software like AutoCAD requires professional graphic cards to produce accurate professional models.

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