Gaming PC’s vs. Consoles: Advantages & Disadvantages

Console vs PC

Gaming PC’s vs. gaming consoles is an age-old debate. Which is better? What’s the right choice for you? Let’s dive into the issue and weigh the pros and cons of both options.

Gaming PC Advantages


One of the greatest advantages gaming PC’s have over consoles is the ability to customize your system. You can change pretty much anything you would like about a PC. From the case, to every internal component. There are seemingly endless options when it comes to customization.


When it comes to graphical horsepower, gaming PC’s dominate consoles. Consoles just can’t keep up with high end CPUs and GPUs. If you are a fan of high frame rates, advanced textures, ray tracing, and custom resolutions a PC will always be the best options.


Most standard gaming computers can be upgraded. You can upgrade your internal components at your convenience. Most common upgrades for gaming computers are GPUs and CPUs.

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Game Console Advantages

Ease of Use

Game consoles are designed to be plug and play. They typically come with a controller, headset and the cables you need to get started quickly. Setup is simple, and updates are done automatically.

Unified Experience & Community

When you purchase a game console, you can be assured that everyone you play with is having roughly the same experience. You can usually build out friends lists, share gameplay footage, and chat with the push of a button. This is something PC lacks.

Exclusive & Console Only Titles

While more and more games are released across all platforms each year, console exclusives are still very much a thing. From Mario, to Red Dead Redemption and Halo, some of the biggest games out can only be played on gaming consoles at the moment.

Gaming PC Disadvantages


High-end gaming PC’s or laptops can cost upwards of several thousand dollars. When compared to most top tier consoles which typically cost around $500 or less, that may be a tough pill to swallow.


Repairing a PC can be a tedious exercise depending on where it was purchased, or which parts were used to build it. Expensive and lengthy repairs can be a major inconvenience.

Fragmented Platform

Unlike on a console, different PC games may require separate apps or platforms. Games can be purchased on Steam, Origin, and just to name a few.

Gaming Console Disadvantages

Limited Graphical Horsepower

Game consoles are usually built to last for around 5 years. While they may see incremental updates over that time period, PC components update at a much faster rate.

Game consoles also don’t start off life with the best possible hardware. They feature somewhat limited components designed to hit a specific price point.

Limited Input Options

Gaming consoles come with controllers. The games that come out on these platforms are designed to use these controllers. On PC you can select whatever input device you would like. From a mouse and keyboard to VR headset, or standard controller. You can play whichever way you would like.

Lack of Mods

Console games can not be modded at present time. Mods allow users to improve graphics, add textures, and new gameplay elements. Mods are a huge part of the PC gaming community.

There are positives and negatives to both system types. Ultimately your choice will come down to what type of gamer you are or want to be. The more hardcore tend to lean towards gaming PC’s, while more casual players seem to gravitate towards consoles.

I would recommend figuring out how you like to play your games, and what games you want to play first. If you start from there, the decision will be much easier.


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