Pros and Cons of Using Voice Chat in Games

Although gamers rely on their keyboards for many things, it does become tedious to communicate with other online gamers this way. Various shortcut keys have made communicating online faster and easier, but nothing compares to the convenience of being able to talk into a headset and share messages with others in real time.


Pros to Online Voice Chat


There are both pros and cons to using online voice chat. The advantages to real-time communication are obvious. For one, you don’t have to waste any time typing out messages in your game. You can keep engaged without having to stop your gameplay, which will definitely increase your chances of survival in battle games!


Using online voice chat also keeps the game running seamlessly as opposed to giving you and other players a disjointed experience. Lastly, many gamers agree that being able to talk to their teammates and opponents makes online gaming more fun, enjoyable and realistic.


Cons to Online Voice Chat


Not everyone enjoys having constant chatter going on in the background. In fact, some online gamers say that it’s a distraction and that they would rather use their gaming computer in the traditional sense. Plus, not everyone has been given a lesson on online gaming etiquette.


For instance, inappropriate remarks are not unheard of, and they can be offensive to some players. Thankfully, there are options to make the experience more pleasant, such as a handy mute button and the ability to limit the number of users on your channel.


Options for Real-Time Communication


Some gaming systems include a headset and voice masking feature, but what are your options if you mostly play online games on your gaming PC? What options do you have available?


Your best option is to choose a voice chat program that can be accessed online. Most need to be downloaded or installed onto your computer, but there are a few that do not. Discord, for example, is accessible to anyone and can be used in your browser. There is nothing to install, and it’s free.


Other programs that we recommend include:

  • Mumble
  • TeamSpeak
  • GameVox
  • Curse Voice
  • Google Hangouts
  • Ventrilo


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