Raptor™ MultiPlex

Designed to dominate the living room, the Raptor MultiPlex is so much more than just a Home Theater PC. This system is designed to be the most powerful living room PC on the market, capable of 1080p gaming, media streaming, Cable Card functionality with DVR, Blu ray playback, and so much more. Converge all of your home theater devices, gaming console, and gaming PC into this single remarkable, immensely powerful unit.

With this custom built Velocity Micro Raptor MultiPlex, you can:

  • Store up to 24 TB of media - that's hundreds of hours of HD programing!
  • Watch Blu ray movies in stunning 1080p via PowerDVD12
  • Game on your big screen thanks to enthusiast grade discrete graphics options
  • Stream web video wirelessly from Youtube, Netflix, and Amazon without a separate streaming box of clumsy proprietary apps
  • Perform all of the tasks of your home office PC, right from the comfort of your couch

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Core Components

Power Supply  
CPU Cooling  
DDR4 Memory  


Audio & Video

Video Card  
TV Tuner  



Hard Drive 1  
Hard Drive 2  
Optical Drive 1  
High Definition Media Software  
Media Reader  



Operating System  
Productivity Software  



Network Cable  
HDTV Video Cables  
Digital Audio Cables  
HDMI Cables  
Digital Camera  
Power Protection  



Quality Assurance  
Upgrade Plan  


Specials and Promotions

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The Velocity Micro Difference

Just a few reasons to choose this astonishing PC:

  • Craftsmanship, Performance, Quality
  • 70+ Editors Choice Awards
  • 100% US-Based Tech Support
  • Owned & Operated in the USA
  • 20 Years of Excellence

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