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Visual Supercomputing

Advanced engineering from NVIDIA allows for the creation of a revolutionary and remarkably powerful desk-side supercomputer. Velocity Micro’s HPC solutions based on Fermi and Kepler architecture and NVIDIA® Tesla™ technology bring the world’s first teraflop, many-core processor based system to market, providing the power needed for engineers, scientists, and researchers to solve the world’s previously thought unsolvable problems.

  • VSC455 V8 Tesla GPU Workstation

    The VSC455 V8 affords blazing acceleration with up to two Intel Xeon 12-core processors, 364GB RAM, and 8 Tesla GPUs, producing amazing compute horsepower.

    Starting At: $7895
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  • ProMagix™ VSC4000 G2 Rackmount Server

    The Velocity Micro VSC4000 G2 is the latest high-density GPU server with dual Intel Xeon E5-2600s and PCI-E Gen3 x16 expansion slots. Up to 4 Quadro, Tesla Fermi, or Tesla Kepler GPUs.

    Starting At: $5495
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  • ProMagix™ VSC265 Workstation

    The VSC265 Workstation with the Intel Sandybridge-E processor and the Nvidia GPUs will produce over 3 Tflops of compute horsepower.

    Starting At: $3199
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  • ProMagix™ VSC145 Workstation

    The VSC145 Workstation pairs an Intel Sandybridge-E processor with the Nvidia GPUs to produce over 3 Tflops of compute horsepower.

    Starting At: $2499
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Tesla Products and ISC

Harness the power of NVIDIA’s Tesla GPUs in your current system with these barebones components. Contact our sales team for assistance in integrating these highly specialized parts.

  • Nvidia® Tesla K20 Kepler Computing Processor*

    Designed to be the performance leader in double precision applications and the broader supercomputing market, the Tesla K20 and K20X GPU Accelerators deliver 10x the performance of a single CPU2.

    Starting At: $3399
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  • Nvidia® Tesla K40 Kepler Computing Processor

    With the introduction of Tesla K40 GPU Accelerators, you can run big scientific models on its 12GB of GPU accelerator memory, capable of processing 2x larger datasets and ideal for big data analytics.

    Starting At: $5799
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Video Professionals

The Velocity Micro ProMagix™ range of desktop workstations are perfect for Professional or Semi-pro Digital Content Creation, 2D and 3D graphics, animation, CAD & MCAD or other design applications, scientific or financial analysis, and the rigors of serious work or play.

CLICK HERE to learn how these elite workstations can completely transform your workflow.

  • ProMagix™ HD180MAX

    Optimized for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, CAD, 3DS Max, and MATLAB, video professionals can now visualize and simulate at the same time with this single CPU system.

    Starting At: $5899
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  • ProMagix™ HD360MAX

    This dual CPU system is optimized for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, CAD, 3DS Max, and MATLAB. Two Xeon processors and NVIDIA GPUs make this a powerhouse.

    Starting At: $6995
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