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Key Features


Intel 7th Gen Core Processors

A PC's CPU (Central Processing Unit) is its main source of processing power - a fast PC day trading PC requires a fast CPU. For our trading computers, we've selected Intel's new Kaby Lake chips, a powerhouse family of processors with four cores and the fastest GHz per core speed on the market. This top-of-the-line CPU performance translates into a faster overall PC, able to hanle the rigors of day trading without breaking a sweat.


Multi Monitor Support

Our TraderPro can be configured to support up to EIGHT independent displays without stutter or lag to help keep you up to speed and up to date with every market fluctuation. The result - you earn more!


Meticulous Craftsmanship

We've made our award winning reputation by building desktops that simply outperform the competition through a meticulous build process and level of custom tuning and tweaking that the competition simply can't match. Each trading computer is custom tuned to peak output by our team of expert engineers to ensure that when it leaves our facility, it does at an unrivaled level of performance and build quality.


Only Premium Hardware

At Velocity Micro, we pair our meticulous build process with only the best quality, retail-grade hardware to create a PC that lasts longer, and performs better than the competition. For traders, that means the crashes, slowdowns, and downtime that have kept you from your earning potential are a things of the past. Learn more about the difference HERE.


Specially Configured for Trading

We've used our expertise to make the TraderPro the ideal trading computer for all platforms, specially designed for the task at hand. With an emphasis on CPU power, RAM, and multi-monitor support you simply won't find a better, faster trading computer anywhere.


Ships in Just 5-7 Business Days

The waiting is the hardest part but our new line of trading computers ships on average in just five to seven business days after order completion. That means less time waiting and more time trading.

More Details

Every PC we create, including the Trader Pro, is built in one of our signature chassis made from 100% aluminum. Unlike steel or plastic cases that trap heat and compromise the longevity of vital components, our aluminum chassis acts as a heat sink, pulling that heat away from your trading computer to produce a more stable, better performing product.

From a design standpoint, the TraderPro is sleek and modern in our GX4 chassis, with an aesthetic that fits any decor. The solid front panel, clean straight lines, and understated lighting are a welcome change to the flashy and garish designs of the performance PC industry. Unlike the competition, this is a PC you'll be proud to show off.

Utilizing the innovations of our custom designed GX4 chassis, the TraderPro is in a class by itself. Design features include:
  • Ability to hold up to SIX hard drives for serious storage capacity of important files and records.
  • Quick release, hot swappable hard drive cage makes upgrades simple and toolless.
  • Maximum, simple connectivity. With top mounted dual USB 3.0 ports along with microphone and headphone jacks, connectivity of your favorite peripheral devices is even easier.
We designed the TraderPro to dissipate heat even during strenuous activity of high volume trading through the following methods:

  • A unique vertical push/pull system sucks air through the bottom of the case, across vital components, and then out through the top fan (in standard configurations). It’s letting hot air do what it’s always done – rise.
  • An optional 240mm liquid cooling solution pushes CPU heat from a side mounted radiator, for better processor performance and longevity. The best part, all of our liquid cooling options are fully self-contained and maintenance free.
Solid state drives are perhaps the biggest innovation to come to desktop PCs in years. With read/write speeds 5-6 times faster than that of standard mechanical drives, the performance boost that SSDs provide is significant, especially at boot and when launching programs. For the ultimate trading computer, an SSD as a must. This system is configuration with up to six independent drives.
With plenty of space, open hard drive slots, and all of that cooling prowess, the TraderPro was designed to not only meet your needs now, but to be able to grow with you with a definitive upgrade path. Additionally, Anytime during the life of your PC, you have the option to return your system to our factory for basic interior cleaning, general maintenance, driver and BIOS updates, operating system updates, discounted component hardware upgrades, and standard performance tuning and benchmarking. Generally suggested every 15 to 18 months for optimal performance and longer lifespan.
Options for Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro operating systems ensure that your TraderPro is fully compatible with your trading software of choice.
If you’ve ever bought a computer from the behemoth, mass produced competition, you know bloatware. Free trials you don’t want, software you didn’t ask for, search bars you’ll never use – all choking your system and slowing it down. We don't do it, and we never will. With Velocity Micro, we only install what you as us for on your trading computer, and not a thing more.

Why Choose Velocity?


Meticulous Handcraftsmanship

We’re obsessed with perfection – there are no assembly lines here. As with all Velocity Micro PCs, each TraderPro trading computer is hand built by expert engineers, meaning every screw is turned by hand. The end result is better airflow and thermal properties, translating into a more stable, longer lasting system.


A Legacy of Excellence

Since our first review in 2002, no PC manufacturer has won more awards from the press than has Velocity Micro. Featured in CNET, PC Magazine, PC Gamer, Maximum PC and many more, Velocity Micro PCs continue to be lauded by reviewers and customers alike for its performance, build quality, and stunning design. Learn more.


100% US-based tech support

Every Velocity Micro PC comes with complimentary lifetime business hours phone support. And the best part – a call placed to our support team will never be routed anywhere offshore. It’s like having your own personal geek, just a call away. It costs more, but we won't let anything get in the way of an astonishing customer experience.


Quality Control

Before shipping, this laptop endures a grueling set of tests and quality control measures that would bring most systems to their knees. Stress tests, extensive reboots, an overnight burn in, and an exhaustive 200-point QA checklist ensure that every TraderPro trading computer meets our own lofty standards. 


Based in the USA

Each and every Velocity Micro PC ships from and is supported by our Richmond, VA headquarters. We don’t outsource. We don’t cut corners. Not ever. 


Financing Options

Buy today, pay tomorrow. Velocity Micro accepts Paypal Credit for all purchases big and small. Learn more about their interest free financing options and apply for credit here

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  • "A fantastic product only matched by the incredible service and support from the company. Best service and support for any product I have ever bought. A wonderful company and product line."

    - Dan Z.

  • "I don't think I've ever been more pleased with a company than VM. I'll be back in touch if and when I need another computer and another and another."

    - Shelby S.

  • "You have the best quality computer in the world, no other comes close to what you produce and to top it off it's MADE IN THE USA."

    - Richard B.

  • "Hands down the best PC I have ever owned. Blazing fast, never crashes."

    - Bill B.

  • "I am almost in shock that service like this still exists."

    - Andrew L.