Nvidia® Tesla K40 Kepler Computing Processor*

Run your most demanding scientific models on NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU Accelerators. Based on the NVIDIA Kepler™ Architecture, Tesla GPUs are designed to deliver faster, more efficient compute performance.

With the introduction of Tesla K40 GPU Accelerators, you can run big scientific models on its 12GB of GPU accelerator memory, capable of processing 2x larger datasets and ideal for big data analytics. It also outperforms CPUs by up to 10x with its GPU Boost feature, converting power headroom into user-controlled performance boost.

  • Peak double-precision floating point performance (board) - 1.43 Tflops
  • Peak single-precision floating point performance (board) - 4.29 Tflops
  • Number of GPUs - 1 x GK110B
  • Number of CUDA cores - 2,880
  • Memory size per board (GDDR5) - 12 GB