Nvidia® Tesla K20 Kepler Computing Processor*

Tesla K20 GPU Accelerators Designed to be the performance leader in double precision applications and the broader supercomputing market, the Tesla K20 and K20X GPU Accelerators deliver 10x the performance of a single CPU2. Tesla K20 and K20X both feature a single GK110 Kepler GPU that includes the Dynamic Parallelism and Hyper-Q features. With more than one teraflop peak double precision performance, these GPU accelerators are ideal for the most aggressive high-performance computing workloads including climate and weather modeling, CFD, CAE, computational physics, biochemistry simulations, and computational finance.

Tech Specs

Peak double precision floating point performance (board) 1.17 teraflops
Peak single precision floating point performance (board) 3.52 teraflops
Number of GPUs 1 x GK110
Number of CUDA cores 2496
Memory size per board (GDDR5) 5GB
Memory bandwidth for board (ECC off) 208 GBytes/sec
GPU computing applications CFD, CAE, financial computing, computational chemistry and physics, data analytics, satellite imaging, weather modeling.
Architecture features sMX, Dynamic Parallelism, Hyper-Q