How do I perform a clean installation of Windows Vista or Windows 7?

The following is a step by step guide for a clean installation of the Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system.

NOTE: This process delets all files from your drive.

1.) Power on your computer.
2.) As the computer boots, insert the Windows 7 installation disc. You will need to do this quickly.
3.) In a few seconds you will see a screen that states "press any key to boot from CD or DVD". This screen is only shown for a few seconds. Press the enter key as soon as you see the message.
4.) The next screen provides the message that "windows is loading files." Files from the DVD are being loaded into RAM. This stage typically takes a few minutes.
5.) The next screen is "Starting Windows." You will see the Windows logo begin to form. This stage also typically takes a few minutes.
6.) The next screen is the blue screen with the dove. Windows installation will begin next.
7.) On the next screen you will select your language and country. Language to install will be English. Time and currency format will also be English/ Keyboard or input method will be set to US. After making your selections, click Next.
8.) The next screen is for Install Now. Click Next.
9.) The next screen will be the license agreement screen. Simply click the check box next to I accept on the bottom left and click Next on the bottom right to proceed.
10.) On the following screen click on Custom (advanced), as this is the type of installation to be completed.
11.) Velocity Micro always recommends a clean install of the operating system. The next screen is entitled "Where do you want to install Windows?" Hi-Lite the correct drive or partition (usually Disk 0) and then select Drive Options (advanced) to the right. Now choose to Delete the partition. Then click Next.
12.) Windows will now begin installing onto the hard drive. The computer will restart a few times during this process. Do not press any keys. This process may easily take 30 minutes.
13.) At the end of the installation you will be asked to enter a user name. If you prefer, you may also add a password.
14.) On the screen "Help protect your computer and improve Windows automatically", choose "Ask Me Later". This is so that all the latest drivers will be installed. Once drivers are installed, you must go back and select "use recommended settings", or "install important updates only."
15.) The next screen is for configuring date and time.
16.) After a few more minutes, you will be at the Windows desktop.
17.) Now, install the latest driver for each hardware component. Most will require a reboot after installation.
18.) Now, change the windows update settings, and allow the Windows updates to proceed.
19.) It is strongly advised that you now install an antivirus and anti-spyware program and update each.
20.) If the system is working without any glitches, create a Windows restore point. You may also wish to use the Windows back up options at this time.
21.) Install user applications and reboot after each.