How do I go about uninstalling unused programs?

If you have a program installed on your system that you don’t use anymore, the best thing to do is to get rid of it. Unused programs take up hard drive space, clutter up system memory, and fill up the registry, making your PC run slower than it needs to.

To uninstall a program:

  1. Select the Start button from the taskbar
  2. Select Control Panel. If you don’t see a button for the Control Panel, select the Settings menu and then select the Control Panel.
  3. Select Add or Remove Programs for XP, or Programs and Features for Vista. Windows will fill in a list of programs currently installed on your system and display them in alphabetical order. Keep in mind that programs are sometimes listed by their developer and not the name of the program itself.
  4. Find the program you wish to uninstall
  5. Select Remove/Uninstall
  6. Follow any onscreen instructions or prompts to fully remove the program.

Note: Sometimes Windows cannot fully erase a program from the hard drive. When this happens, Windows will let you know which folders you have to manually delete.