How to Open Your Case to Access the Inside

Occasionally, you may need to access the inside of your case for regular maintenance, troubleshooting, or for upgrades. Please take appropriate precautions against inadvertently damaging your system. See also:
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① Shut down your computer and turn it off.

② Flip the power supply's rocker switch to the off position (1=On, 0=Off) and unplug the power cord from the rear of your system. You may need to disconnect any other peripheral connections that may hamper your ability to work.

③ Using a Phillips-head screw driver at the rear of the case, remove the two thumb-screws that retain the left side panel. (The left side is normally the side that faces the motherboard and the right side is normally behind the motherboard, but the opposite is true on flipped cases like the ProMagix T1000.)

④ Side panels are removed by sliding them back about half an inch, pulling the top of the side panel away from the case, and then lifting it out of the track. Just set the side panel off to the side in a safe place to avoid damage or surface scratches. Often, only the left side panel needs to be removed, but both side panels must be removed for some tasks, like optical drive or media reader installation.

Upon completion of your tasks inside the case, the reverse procedure should be followed to close the case.

⑤ Set side panels into their tracks at the bottom of the case, offset toward the rear about half an inch.

⑥ Close the panel flush to the top of the case, lining up the teeth into the top notches. Slide the panel toward the front of the case until snug and return the thumb screws to secure the panel in place.

⑦ Re-insert your power cord and flip the switch back to the on position. If all other connections are secure, you are ready to power on.