What is the difference between the warranties for Retail systems and those for systems purchased directly from Velocity Micro?

There is essentially no difference in regards to warranty services like depot repair or RMA parts. But there are other differences that are notable.

Direct clients have additional warranty service options not available to clients who have purchased systems from retailers like Best Buy or Circuit City.

  • 24/7 Emergency Support Service is one such warranty service that direct clients can add to their basic warranty.
  • On-site Service is another such add-on service available to direct clients.
  • Direct clients may choose a different term length, between 1 and 3, and sometimes 4 years.
  • Direct clients may also choose, within the first 30 days of receipt of their system, to extend their warranty to a longer term, or add 24/7 Emergency Support Service or On-site Service.

Clients who have purchased retail systems have 1 Yr Standard Parts & Labor Ltd Warranty, 1 Yr Regular Business Hours Support, and Depot Repair Service. They are not eligible to add additional warranty service options or to extend their term length.

Note: Systems not purchased from an authorized retailer or reseller, like those through clearing houses or online auctions, no longer carry any warranty at all as warranties are non-transferable from the original owner.