What is 24/7 Emergency Support?

Velocity Micro provides technical support for all questions related to PCs purchased from Velocity Micro during our normal support hours: 11:00am to 8:00pm EST Monday through Friday.

24/7 Emergency Support is available in select warranty packages for direct VM clients only.

This service is not available for systems purchased through retailers like Amazon or Newegg.

24/7 Emergency support is available for emergencies only.

If you have an emergency outside of our normal business hours, call 804-839-5403. You will reach a call center and you will be requested to provide certain information about yourself and your system, including the nature of the emergency. Normally within 15-30 minutes, you will receive a call from a Velocity Micro support technician to help you with your emergency.

Examples of emergencies imclude:

  • System fails to boot
  • System fails to reach Windows
  • Total system failure
  • Any issue which keeps the PC from functioning

Examples of non-emergencies include:

  • Difficulty getting on the Internet
  • Sound not working
  • Difficulty connecting or using your printer
  • Problems with any application that is not essential to running your PC

Please note that if sufficient information is not provided to the call center so that your subscription status can be verified, no callback will be made. Also, if you own a system sold via retail establishments, or if your subscription has expired, or if your call does not meet the requirements of an emergency, you will not receive a callback from a Velocity Micro support technician. You instead are advised to contact technical support during regular business hours.