Estimated difficulty and completion time: up to several hours depending on amount of RAM, low to moderate difficulty.

If you suspect that your RAM is be going bad there is a handy utility called Memtest86+ that will test all the memory in your system and tell you how many errors it finds. It’s fairly easy to install and run, and once it’s running can continue without any more input until it’s done.

Generally speaking, as RAM gets older, it’s going to have more and more errors, but won’t always result in system instability. But if Memtest finds several dozen or even several hundred errors, then you will definitely want to consider replacing some of your RAM.

To use Memtest86+ you will need an empty thumb drive of at least 4 GB capacity. Download Memtest86+ (you can use either the pre-built ISO and burn it if you know how to use a program like Rufus or grab the Auto-installer version for simplicity) and install it to the thumb drive. It won’t take very long as Memtest86+ is a fairly small program. Once it is complete, close whatever program you used to install it and restart your computer. You can just leave the thumb drive plugged in to the computer for the entire process. Once your computer has started rebooting and you see the Velocity Micro logo, start pressing the boot menu key for your motherboard (F8 for Asus, F12 for Gigabyte and MSI) and select the thumb drive from the popup list.

NOTE: If you have UEFI enabled on your system, you may see 2 options for your thumb drive, one that says “UEFI” first and then one without. If you see the UEFI option, use that one.

Memtest86+ will automatically boot up and ask if you want to change any testing parameters before it begins. It’s safe to leave everything as default and simply wait a few seconds and let it start itself. Memtest86+ will automatically start running and depending on how much RAM you have in your system, may take some time to finish, maybe even a few hours. We’d recommend letting it run overnight so that it doesn’t interfere with your work. On the right-hand side of the screen you will see how many errors Memtest86+ has found so far. Once the test has finished, it will give you the final count of errors found. Write down or take a picture of that number and contact our support team for further assistance. If Memtest86+ does not detect any errors, then there may be other issues with your system that are causing instability.