Why the Vector 14 may be the best Macbook Pro Alternative

Macbook Pro AlternativeApple recently announced its latest iteration of their Macbook Pro laptop to their typical level of hype and fanfare, but for some power users, this particular Apple felt a little rotten, especially given the pricepoint. But what are there Macbook Pro alternatives? Allow me to present the case for why the Vector 14 may be just what you’ve been searching for.

Video Connectivity

Unfortunately for potential buyers of the new Macbook Pro, using an external display of any type requires a dongle or adapter that will connect via one of the two available Thunderbolt ports. This is not only a hassle, but also creates productivity issues by eliminating the ability to charge the device (also done via Thunderbolt) and connect any third peripheral.

Why the Vector 14 is a Macbook Pro Alternative: The Vector 14 features both full size HDMI and VGA video outs for connecting external displays and projectors easily without adapters or dongles.


Apple typically offers a small handful of processor and hard drive package options with its products, but full scale customization hasn’t general been a selling point. The MacBook Pro follows this same mold. Looking for large amounts of RAM, multiple hard drives in different configurations, or different OS options? You’re out of luck.

Why the Vector 14 is a Macbook Pro Alternative: At Velocity Micro, we pride ourselves on offering as many customization options as possible to allow you to build a desktop or laptop that meets your specific needs. The Vector 14 is no exception.

USB Ports

Over the past 15 years or so, USB has become the ubiquitous PC port with thousands of storage devices, peripherals, and various accessories connecting via some form of USB. But the Macbook Pro has only two Thunderbolt/Type C ports. Yes, they’re fast but for consumers with piles of standard USB devices, they’re pretty useless.

Why the Vector 14 is a Macbook Pro Alternative: How does USB 3.0 Type A, USB 3.0 Type C, and USB 2.0 sound? The Vector 14 has all of those.

An SD card slot

Nothing’s more convenient than inserting a camera SD card into your laptop to view your latest batch of pictures. Unfortunately, the SD card in the MacBook Pro is no more.

Why the Vector 14 is a Macbook Pro Alternative: Our Vector 14 features a 6-in-1 card reader to handle all popular forms of external media


Price conscious customers know that Apple products are never the cheapest on the market, but potential Macbook buyers should be ready to pony up around $2K for even a midrange configuration.

Why the Vector 14 is a Macbook Pro Alternative: Starting at just $899, the Vector 14 is $600 less than the entry level Macbook.

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