Tips for Getting Immersed in Your Video Games

Part of the thrill of computer gaming is the ability for the gamer to immerse themselves. Rather than feeling like the game is being controlled by the gamer, he or she feels like they are in the game. Some games are naturally more immersive thanks to high-end, detailed graphics, realistic audio, emotions and body language from the characters and a convincing world. But even the most realistic games are only as immersive as the player allows them to be.

Not every gamer gets fully engaged right away. Some gamers admit that they need the whole nine yards: a quality gaming computer, a cozy chair, headphones for audio, a dark room and a quiet space. Others have no problem getting immersed regardless of what’s going on around them. (You probably know a few people that fit both these categories.)

If you are having trouble becoming deeply involved in your game, follow these simple tips. It won’t be long before you feel like a few minutes have gone by, only to find that it has been a few hours. (Please note that these are not requirements for getting engrossed in your game. They are merely suggestions that could help with the immersion process.)

  • Play your games on a gaming computer that will provide a seamless experience. If you’re experiencing a lot of lags or freezes from an outdated system, it will kill the immersion fast. Your gaming computer should be designed for high-demand games and include parts like a high-end graphics card, motherboard, CPU, storage, memory and power supply.
  • Purchase a quality pair of audio headphones to accompany your workstation PC. A decent pair of headphones will block out sounds from your environment and bring in all the sounds of your game.
  • Keep outside distractions at bay. For instance, turn off your cell phone or house phone and use ambient lighting rather than bright lights.
  • Invest in a comfortable gaming chair. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, but you shouldn’t feel the least bit uncomfortable. There are plenty of ergonomic office chairs to improve the comfort of your workstation PC.
  • Develop a storyline for your characters. Make them feel real to you. Browse ideas for your characters online so that you can create a backstory that you can relate to you.

So what’s the big deal with getting immersed?

Being fully engaged in a game allows you to place yourself in the world and identify with the characters. This makes you play smarter, harder and more strategic. You become a better gamer through immersion, and you get more out of the game, too. Gaming is like any other hobby; the more passion you have, the more rewards it will bring!

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