Everything You Need to Know About Intel’s Latest Processors

It’s not easy to try and keep up with the latest processors. Since they are built on the newest architecture, it’s difficult to know for certain just what capabilities they will have until they are released. And just because a new processor comes out doesn’t mean the older models are obsolete. In fact, they may serve your needs better than a newer and more expensive processor.

So what should you know about Intel’s latest processors, and how can you determine which one is right for your gaming computer?

Intel Processors

Today’s consumers have three choices of processors from Intel: i3, i5 and i7. The 5th Generation Intel Core i7 Processors are the latest processors to hit the market, and they deliver noticeable performance advancements such as better battery life, improved graphics and added security. You can work on two tasks at a time thanks to the Hyper-Threading technology, and you get advanced video and photo tools that shine on any gaming PC.

Cache Size

Core i7 processors have the most amount of cache, clocking in at 8MB, with the exception of one model, which has only 6MB. The Core i3 processors have either 3MB or 4MB of cache, while the i5 processors have either 4MB or 6MB. This is a major reason why the newer processors outperform the older ones. The cache serves as a holding area for frequently used data, and the more it can hold, the faster it can be accessed.


Hyper-Threading is also a big deal when comparing Intel’s processors. The Core i7 processors are quad cores, and they support Hyper-Threading. So, a total of eight threads can run on them at the same time, allowing you to be an efficient multi-tasker. When you combine this with Turbo-Boost Technology and 8MB of cache, you have a processor that is far superior than its older models.

Shopping for Processors

If you do a lot of things on your workstation PC such as high-end gaming and video and photo editing, choosing a CAD workstation PC with an i5 or i7 processor is best. However, if you use your workstation PC primarily for checking emails, reading the news or downloading light music, an i3 processor will suit you well. Paying the extra cost for the better processor won’t be worth it in this case.

When shopping for gaming computers with Velocity Micro, you’ll find that our systems include superior parts and components such as Intel’s latest processors. Many of our laptops and gaming computers include 4th Generation Intel Core i7 Processors, while our workstations include Intel Xeon Processors. Our home/office computers use both i3 and i5 processors, allowing you to customize your purchase without paying more than you have to.

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