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Velocity Micro Laptop Builder

There are many ways to buy a laptop. Most companies offer pre-configured machines without the option to upgrade or change any system components. Here at Velocity Micro we try to give you as many choices as possible.

Laptop Builder

The Velocity Micro laptop builder can be used to configure any of our custom laptops. We offer 4 main models.

  • ProMagix M17SLI
  • Signature 17
  • Raptor MX70
  • NoteMagix M17

Our systems range from a full desktop replacement with SLI (ProMagix M17SLI) to the powerful but thin and light NoteMagix M17.

Head over to our Custom Laptops and click “configure now” to see a full list of compatible parts and upgrade options. The rolling menu on the left side gives you a running list of all the parts you currently have selected along with the total price.

You can save your configuration if you need to come back later, see financing options, or buy your PC all right from this page.

If you have any questions you can always use our live chat features, or head over to our contact page if you are more comfortable sending out an email instead. It’s that easy. Head over to the Custom Laptop page now to test it out.

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