Home Office Ideas

Home Office Ideas

You may have recently found yourself working from home indefinitely. Proper setup of your home office can go a long way towards maximizing productivity.

In this piece we will cover some helpful tips to make your home office experience the best it can be regardless of size.

Office Tips for Everyone

We have broken our office ideas out into 3 sections. First let’s take a look at office ideas everyone can benefit from.

Upgrade your Chair

You may now be sitting in your office chair for 8+ hours a day. Picking up an ergonomic chair that supports your back properly can improve your overall health and long term comfort.

Define your Workspace

Finding a dedicated area in your home or apartment that you can consistently use for work is an important step in normalizing work from home. Try to match or improve on the desk setup you had in your office.

Upgrade your Storage

Adding a simple filing cabinet, or small storage shelf to your new work area can dramatically reduce clutter and help keep you organized.

Invest in Quality Noise Canceling Headphones

Working from home may come with new distractions like kids, TVs, spouses, or neighbors. Noise Canceling headphones are a great way to block out distractions when you need to hunker down and focus. Headphones can also be used for video calls.

Go Wireless

You can simplify your workspace and make it more flexible by switching from a wired to wireless keyboard and mouse setup. This also will help if your workstation needs to move around your home a bit.

Dedicated Office Ideas

If you are lucky enough to have a room to use solely as your new office space, set up will be a bit easier.

Add a Monitor(s)

Working from a laptop is fine in spurts, but for long term productivity you want to make sure you add a monitor or multiple monitors to your workspace.

The larger screen real estate will allow you to be more productive. It can also reduce eye and back/neck strain.

Buy a Sit Stand Desk

Sitting for extended periods has never been good for the body. A standing desk allows you to to get up out of your chair and stretch out a bit. Try standing for 30 minutes to an hour every 3 hours.

Shared Space Office Ideas

Using a shared space like a living room or bedroom for your office doesn’t mean you can’t set up a fantastic workspace.

shared office space

Folding Desks

A great way to save space in a dual purpose room is to pick up a folding desk. Desks that mount to a wall and fold down when needed can be blended into your decor seamlessly. These desks allow you to have a nice workspace when you need it, and more space in your room when you don’t.

Folding Dividers

Isolating yourself from everything going on around you may be difficult in a shared room. Adding an affordable 3 panel folding divider or 2 can give your workspace some much needed privacy. Dividers can also function as a simple backdrop for conference calls.

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