What is High Performance Computing?

High Performance ComputingHigh Performance Computing is essentially utilizing the GPU, specifically an NVIDIA Tesla based GPU like the K20 or K40, to run high demand, complex calculations and computational problems. Whereas previous generations of workstation had to rely on the physical CPU cores to run their calculations, HPCs can utilize the hundreds or thousands of cores of that Tesla GPU to run calculations in parallel with the CPU, resulting in exponential increases in performance that often mean solutions are obtained in minutes instead of hours. It’s technology that’s truly helping some of the world’s brightest minds solve previously thought unsolvable problems. Think of it as a supercomputer small enough to fit desk-side or in your existing server rack.

Game-changing is really what comes to mind.

High Performance Computing is not for the average consumer looking for a fast PC, but for scientists, doctors, and engineers running applications optimized for the technology, High Performance Computing is a revolutionary breakthrough. Media creators can even utilize a Tesla GPU alongside a Quadro to dramatically reduce render and preview times with a process called NVIDIA Maximus. Here’s just a short list of the industries that are already benefitting from High Performance Computing Technology.

  • Molecular Dynamics
  • Quantum Chemistry
  • Bioinformatics
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Computational Structural Mechanics
  • Computational Finance
  • EDA and CEM
  • Weather and Climate Forecasting
  • Seismic Exploration
  • Medical Imaging
  • Data Mining
  • Numerical Analytics
  • Imaging and Computer Vision
  • Media/Video Creation

To learn more about how High Performance Computing can dramatically impact your workflow, contact our sales team at 888-300-4450 or click here.

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