5 Reasons to Love Nvidia Graphics

The two major players in the graphics chip industry are Nvidia and AMD. Both companies have done their best to establish themselves as leaders in their industry while also expanding into other areas. Nvidia has gone into the mobile and enterprise markets while AMD is moving away from the PC market. Instead, they’re putting more focus on building semi custom SoCs for gaming consoles.

Whether you’re building your own gaming PC or you’re looking to purchase one, you may be curious as to which one is better: Nvidia or AMD. Here are five great reasons why we love Nvidia graphics – and you should, too!

1. They’re quieter and cooler.

Nvidia graphics cards are known for being quieter and cooler compared to AMD cards that run louder and hotter. Generally speaking, the harder the graphics card needs to work, the more electricity it consumes and the hotter it runs. Therefore, when you have a high-end card, it demands more electricity but provides you with ultimate power. Thankfully, Nvidia has done an excellent job at balancing both, keeping the cards quiet and powerful.

2. They roll out new software and drivers.

Nvidia offers a wide range of features that are updated often. They consistently roll out new software and drivers such as the GeForce Experience and ShadowPlay game recording. They were also the first to introduce frame synchronization with G-Sync. Nvidia continues to have more options in the feature department, and be the first to offer them.

3. They aren’t spread too thin.

Nvidia is known for their graphics, and everything they do relates to this niche. Their main business is still PC GPUs, which isn’t a bad deal considering that the PC gaming industry is expected to grow (although the PC industry as a whole is not). Beyond this, Nvidia has also expanded into the mobile and enterprise markets. AMD, on the other hand, is spread too thin and involved in disparate businesses.

4. They spend more on research and development.

Nvidia spends more money than AMD on research and development. Again, since Nvidia is staying true to its gaming PC roots, it’s able to invest money in the right areas rather than spreading their budget across many projects. One area that Nvidia has shined in is the first GPUs built on the company’s Maxwell architecture. These new advances also manage to cut power consumption in half while doubling performance compared to Nvidia’s graphics cards from just a few years ago.

5. They provide exceptional performance and graphics.

Nvidia has been long known for providing brilliant performance and graphics, and today is no exception. Nvidia graphics use CUDA cores, which accelerate the communication rate between the card’s GPU and your workstation PC’s CPU. Nvidia has also made great strides in offering 3D capabilities. Though they tend to be a bit more expensive than other graphics cards on the market, the added cost is well worth it for the enhanced performance.

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